Whoa Ho Ho

Tim talks about Christmas Music especially the underappreciated songs. How about Christmas Movies in particular what is or isn’t. “Xmas” and why it’s correct to use it. And, Christmas Meals (mmm shrimp). Basically, it’s all about Christmasy stuff in this episode.

In other words, we will call it the “Christmas Episode.”

Damien responds to a discussion starter in addition to a new discussion starter question.

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  1. I don’t think I have a favorite Christmas song. At Christmas I usually listen to a lot of Medieval & Renaissance music. It has similar feel, in my opinion.
    We watch more Christmas Specials instead of Christmas movies. Since I was little my favorite has been Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, but a couple years ago I rediscovered Muppets Family Christmas tv special on YouTube…so that may be my favorite now.
    We used to have Chinese food on one day (Christmas Eve or Day), and a British themed meal on the other. But since moving to KC we have trouble finding decent Chinese places that have duck on the menu, so we’ve switched to Indian food. Plus there is a restaurant nearby that we can order a whole roast duck from anyway, so that is now the main dish of our British meal. Now, if I could only find goose…

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