Useless Things Podcast or: A Song of Ice & Ire

In this episode, I talk about Stephanie (The BCPF) and I joining the Lowders and Joneses for a nice quaint New Year’s Eve gathering at the Joneses house. Also, I made my own restaurant-style – and if I do say so myself, restaurant-quality salsa! I give the recipe on the podcast, too.

©City of Winston-Salem

Our power was off this morning when I got up. Why can’t we fix that? I ask about a fix that just makes sense to me. In addition to that, I ask about those pesky traffic lights. Those things are annoying.

I didn’t have any conversation starter responses this week. Perhaps giving a past episode a listen and comment or call with some responses? May I suggest this one?

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  1. May not have been the longest, but the most memorable was probably 20 years ago in CO. It was very early in the morning, and I was waiting at a stoplight with another car next to me. Another car pulls up behind us. The light stayed red for a LONG time, it seemed. Suddenly the car behind us started revving up his engine, and stated creeping closer & closer to us. Still, light stays red. After what seems like a few minutes of this, the car suddenly backed up, whipped around us on the opposite lane, and quickly sped past us & through the red light. The driver of the other car & I looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders, and laughed.

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