Useless Things Need Love Too or: New Digs

Meanwhile… on this, my 15th podcast episode (of this podcast, that is):

I do the first of MY podcasts from the new digs. That’s right, the brand new Such-N-Such Media Studios are located in the Liberty Plaza Building in Downtown Winston-Salem. Out with the old – The Lab at Industry Hill – and in with the new.

Production Suite/Office

I wanted this podcast to be my first one in the new space overall, but it wasn’t. That distinction went to Health Geeks Book Club Podcast who recorded last Tuesday. The production/editing/office wasn’t even set up yet when that happened. After the recording, I took the file to the Lab and edited their podcast episodes.

There is still a lot of stuff that has to be moved from the Lab but I was able to get a “move-out” extension. What’s left there are peripheral things like the fridge, the printer, the ice-maker, and stuff like that. I will try to get it all moved this week sometime.

But, that’s not all I talked about this week. The BCPF (Stephanie) and I were at a local restaurant and witnessed two parties come in and act like a$$holes because the wait was 30 or 40 minutes for brunch. I pontificate on how stupid that is.

There was a new “Conversation Starter

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