Useless Things Need Love Too or: Movin’ On Up

Meanwhile… on this, my 14th podcast episode (of this podcast, that is):

I talk about this being the last podcast ever recorded in The Less Desirables Studios in The Lab at Industry Hill. Hundreds of episodes have been recorded here. If I really wanted, I could probably come up with a good guestimate but I won’t even try. “Hundreds” is accurate enough.

In this episode, I talk about moving into a new space. Even while I write this sitting in the office of the old space, the podcast part has moved on. I recorded this podcast episode in the production studio, the office, too.

A view, more space, ideas, wants, dreams, and whatever else. Not all of those things are really touched on in this episode but I figured those things were at least going through my head.

Eleanor, me, Kristen… The Health Geeks Book Club Podcast.

While I really wanted this podcast to be the first recorded in the new space, The Health Geeks Book Club did a fantastic job being the first. I’m sure I will record this one before next week, or will at least try to. I have some work to do in the space, still. I bought some stuff that isn’t here yet so I have to wait on it.

Things to come…

There are a lot of exciting things that will happen there and I can’t wait to share more of them with you.

Damien responded to the last “Conversation Starter” and I posed anecdotes to his response. There is also a new conversation starter, posed for you to ponder.

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