Useless Things Need Love Too or: Louie and Loaf

Meanwhile… on this, my 11th podcast episode (of this podcast, that is):


I talk about how I have to trick myself into exercising. I also talk about my new tool and gadget that I will use to achieve this goal. It won’t be like doing a workout, to be sure. However, it will be better than sitting on my behind all day, every day, right?

There’s also a little talk about Meat Loaf, what kind of fan I was, the first time I heard him but knew about him long before. And, I talk a little about the comedian Louie Anderson. Both of those guys passed away today, so I took the opportunity to spout about them a bit.

A NEW discussion starter question this week. I didn’t have any responses, so in addition to this week’s question, may I suggest last week’s episode and its question?

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