The Weekend Away or: Why Do They Call It Blowing Rock?

Meanwhile… on this, my 18th podcast episode (of this podcast, that is):

Stephanie and I took a mini-vacation this weekend. Never mind that we’re going to Paris in a mere 37 days. It was just time for a little getaway. Now, it wasn’t just a random trip out of town. I had a Sunday gig with the Camel City Yacht Club in a town called West Jefferson, so we headed to the mountains of NC a few days early to have a little bit of “Beeman Time.”

Wine and cheese from Sunset & Vine

We went up on Friday and stayed in a town called Blowing Rock. It’s just outside of Boone, which is the town Appalachian State University is. The idea was to stay in Blowing Rock and visit and do things in Boone. That wasn’t what happened, though. Instead, we never left Blowing Rock.

On Friday, we drove up and checked into the Holiday Inn Express. We immediately went out to find a brewery and ended up at Blowing Rock Brewing on Sunset Street, just off of “Main Street” of the Historic Downtown Blowing Rock.

Things to do in Blowing Rock…

We had several brews and some fried cheese curds before going to eat dinner at Moon Thai & Sushi. Yes, sushi five-six hours from the coast. It was delicious. Better than anywhere I’ve had in Winston-Salem in the last two years. The sushi here is okay but it’s unimaginative, boring, and plain.

We had brunch the next day at a restaurant that we knew about, Penny Path Cafe and Crepe Shop, owned by the same folks that own the others – here and in High Point. We spent well over an hour talking to the owner, Miro. It was a good conversation.

Wine and cheese from Sunset & Vine (right next to Blowing Rock Brewing) were next. A little shopping, involving two new chapeaus and a rare meeting with friends from here to have dinner, listen to music, and have a few drinks was the end to a great Saturday.

Brunch on Sunday morning was delicious before we headed to West Jefferson to play the gig with CCYC…

You gotta listen to the podcast to hear the rest of the stories this week.

Damien responded to the Conversation Starter from the last episode. Plus, a new Conversation Starter.

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  1. Worst hotel experience was a recent stay at a Tru by Hilton near Denver. First they tried to not give us the room we booked, saying they overbooked. They finally relented, but then we had trouble getting the wifi because they didn’t transfer all the info over to the room or something. But the biggest issue was the fact that some stranger was given a keycard to our room, & actually WALKED IN in the middle of the night. They left by the time I sprang out of bed ( and yes I forgot to use the door latch), but still…how does that happen. Next morning when we complained about what happened, the response was a monotone “…oh wow…” without even looking at us. Never staying at a Tru ever again!

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