The Inaugural Podcast

Let’s get this party started. Well, it’s not really a party, at least not today. This is more me just telling you what this podcast is about. The jumping in point. How, I came from a blog of the same name and will still have that blog but this site, too. Woot!!

You can plan on having some silliness, seriousness, cockamamie BS, and more!

We are part of The Less Desirables Podcast Network!

Call the TLD Podcast Network hotline: 336-422-6862 (NUMB)

I’m so glad you’re here, but you listen on your favorite podcatcher/aggregator (like Spotify, Apple Podcast, Stitcher, Amazon, etc.) as well and skip the seeking out. Just hit subscribe. Then, if you’d be so kind, I’d appreciate a like, a review, a rating… whatever your preferred platform allows.

Be involved in the conversation! Win cool prizes! I am kind of lying about that last part, there are no cool prizes. There are not even uncool prizes. No prizes, y’all!

You can read my blog here.

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