The “C” Train or: Bonjour Mes Amis

Meanwhile… on this, my 17th podcast episode (of this podcast, that is):

I had to cancel a gig opening for a national/regional act because the day I was supposed to play it, I tested positive for Covid-19. I am double vaxed and it was an easy treatment but still, I got it. All is not lost, though, we get to make it up by opening for another national act.

There are a lot of noises happening outside my window. I try to let you hear the hammering, but I don’t know that it comes through. But, we had an alarm test and the AC is not working in the building. I rant a little bit about that. I don’t know that rant is the right word.

The BCPF (Stephanie) and I are going back to our favorite city in September and we are over the moon about it.

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There was a new “Conversation Starter

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  1. The place I can’t wait to get back to is Greece. Haven’t been since the honeymoon in 2001. We were supposed to go back last year for our 20 year anniversary trip…but the world wasn’t feeling safe enough yet. So we’re going to try for next spring.
    I haven’t been to Japan and it’s been on my short list for a long time. So a trip to Japan someday….

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