A New Titling Style or: Birthday Boy

Tim talks about weekend plans, and what he and Stephanie (The BCPF) are doing, with friends and just the two of them.

The Boy Man and Me

There are many interesting things to see from the Seventh Floor. People hanging out and meeting on one of the many parking decks. Folks getting photographed, with some on new fancy cars or perhaps with wedding parties. But what else could they be doing on that deck? Pass the binoculars.

Sunday is 3B’s 20th birthday. How can that be already?

Black holes are interesting things. Scary but interesting.

Tim admits to being something he never thought he’d say he was.

Damien calls in a response to a discussion starter, answering from this episode. A NEW discussion starter question is asked.

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  1. As far as NFL goes, I’ve been cheering for the Broncos for years. Probably because being from northwestern Nebraska, the Broncos were the closest NFL team. I’ve lived in several states since and have picked up a few other teams to cheer for. Mostly because I enjoyed living there, so it’s about keeping that connection. So my NFL list is:
    1. Denver Broncos
    2. Cleveland Browns
    3. Carolina Panthers
    4. Kansas City Chiefs
    However, even though they aren’t in the NFL… the Nebraska Cornhuskers are at the absolute top of my list. In fact, they are the only team I will spend my own money on merchandise. Hope that answers your question. Take Care!

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